Rowdy Crafters

Welcome to Rowdy Crafters Blog! We are a group of multi media crafters and artists formerly known as Dude and Dolls Cloth Doll Makers of Northern California. We are an eclectic group of talented artists, dollmakers and crafters who meet in Livermore, CA about every 6-10 weeks. Our meetings are fun and sometimes wacky with a full day of laughter. Whatever mischief we get up to it's sure to be a wonderful time for everyone.

Our Current Members

Berdie (our gracious hostess):Ever since I was a small child I have loved to craft. My first love was making cloth dolls but now I have moved onto other media and find working with paper especially fun. Would love to have other crafters join us as we seem to challenge one another as well as share wonderful creative ideas and friendship.

Cathy: Even though I work for a living I try and spend as much time as I can in my studio for my sanity. I started doll and teddy bear making as a business when I was a stay-at-home mom to my then 5 year-old daughter. The business supported itself for several years but with the economic down-turn I was forced to close the business and concentrate on working more hours at my not-so-fun job to help support our family. I am primarily self-taught but I was fortunate enough to take a couple classes from Barbara Willis and Betz Vidal and attend some seminars and workshops as well in the early days to help expand my skills and knowledge. I have produce a few of Gail Wilson's dolls and taught myself to make teddy bears and then miniature teddy bears. Working in miniature caused me to start making my dolls smaller and smaller and from there I ventured into beading, not so much into the jewelry aspect, more for decorative elements to include on projects and I have made several miniature wall hangings and bead dolls. I have tried my hand at needle felting, penny rugs, punch needle, and paper crafting. You name it, I have probably tried it. I venture from one type of craft to another and I have decided that by continuing to learn as much as I can and try as many different types of crafts that I will never get bored (or save any money, tee hee) and when I finally get to retire (wishful thinking) I will have everything I need to keep me occupied until the day they lay me down for the last time with a big smile on my face.

Lisa: Ever since I was a little girl I have been interested in making something out of other things. I made all my own babrie doll furniture and clothes using bits of this and that when I was young. I am a daydreamer by nature and love whimsical and childlike things. I made cloth dolls for 16 years and now I am onto other things. My main focus is Halloween and Christmas and I love Jesters, marionettes and Alice in Wonderland. I hope to have some pieces ready to show soon. I took a one year break from all creative endeavors to finish my bachelor's degree and as of May 2009 I am a 4 year college grad.

Gail: I have been a crafter almost all my life. My first project was covering a cigar box with wrapping paper. I still have this rather simple treasure. Sewing has been a big part of my crafting experience. Making doll clothes as a child; dolls and stuffed animals to sell at craft shows in the 1970s, art quilting in the 1980s, silk ribbon embroidery in the 1990s. One of the happiest events of the 21st century was being invited to join the Rowdy Crafters. The members are a lively and creative group and I learn so much from each meeting.

Sardonicus: I learned to sew very young, the oldest in a large family I made the clothes for both of my younger sisters while they were in school. In high school I was able to put the skill to use, sewing and designing clothes for the school drama department. My senior year had me working as a teacher’s assistant, sharing my knowledge of crafts and sewing with other students. Since my teens, and the painstaking days of making clothes and costumes, I have tried a variety of crafts. I had a small business in Oregon doing ‘dish soap dolls’ and crewelwork. I’ve done many crafts shows as well, and taught at senior centers, daycares and grade schools. Today I can sew, knit, crochet, do ceramics, glass work, embroidery, wood shopping, scrap booking and painting. However, I most love altered art- paper working and altered dolls. I believe that nothing is what it appears to be- you can make anything out of anything!

Our next meeting

Mark your calendar. Hope to see you in September.
Saturday, September 12th
9:30 to 10 am arrival to mid afternoon.

Proposed Program:
Challenge: Make a scene in a box

Project at the meeting
Halloween Muffin Tin
Please bring a tin to decorate. You will also need to bring glue, wire, wire cutter, and scissors.

The following assignments are as following:
Cathy Judd: bottle caps and diamond glaze. (We will all chip in to pay Cathy for the glaze.)
Sardonicus: graphics for the bottle caps
Lisa: text wording for the tins.
Evelyn and Berdie: beads

Halloween Goodie Bags
I will have cat/pumpkin bags cut out for each of you to finish. Please bring black, orange, yellow, and green embroidery thread plus a needle.

Please bring small buttons or sequins that would be appropriate for eyes. Bags will be approximately 2 ¼ inches wide. Fabric handles except if you would like to bring beads.

Swap Exchange
A small fall related do-dad.......

Show and Tell....-Bring your projects you have been working on
Exchange Table-bring supplies, old magazines etc to exchange

Luncheon: Salads and Desserts
Everyone should bring a salad except
Dessert: Evelyn and Berdie

If you would like to join us email Lisa at

Friday, August 7, 2009

Gails Creations

These creations were made by the talented Gail. She likes fairy's and working with felt and nature things. She has a fairy gazebo, fairy furniture, Halloween house, doll and marionette, penny rug circles, and autumn penny rug and needle felted birds here. She is just awesome. She also works with paper.